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Wish Connect

Connect with seniors in your community. Discover Wishes, engage your school, service organization or colleagues, and spread our message that seniors should be respected, valued, and seen for who they are. How will YOU connect with #WishConnect?

Click here to see current Wishes that need your help!
Select the images below to see how individuals are making Wishes come true through Wish Connect!


High school students discover Wish for 69 year old with MS and reach for the sky!


Longtime WOL supporter reunites family and fulfills Wish a decade in the making!


Senior Marine Corps Veteran returns home for first time in two decades thanks to high school students!

dont take marcie's ball 2

Eighty-five year old Senior’s Wish to return to where she first fell in love, fulfilled by daughter and volunteer!

How will you Connect? Visit our Wish Connect blog to see open source Wish granting in action. Contact Wish of a Lifetime at or give us a call at 303.954.9144. #wishconnect

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